Welcome to Thomas' Veit homepage - film director, writer, film instructor, film producer & creative director


Welcome to my homepage and thank you for your visit.


I’m a full-blooded filmmaker.


A film, a movie, a video, a commercial or a corporate video gives you a flood of inspirations. Ideas become unchained.

Your vision will be visible.


My self-conception is to be a director, a producer but also an editor, photographer and a creative director.


My mentor in directing was Jonathan Wacks.

Among others he directed Johnny Depp in the TV Series “21 Jump Street”.

He taught me to understand the characters and to direct my actors in a way of passion and big understanding.

Furthermore I was characterized by Peter D. Marshall.

He is an assistant director and director, known for Butterfly EffectDawn of the Dead and Happy Gilmore.


To be a filmmaker means to tell a story.

In the 19th century The Brothers Grimm entertained people in collecting ferry tails and folk tales.

Nowadays in the digital century our understanding is to entertain people in the progressive way in making movies.


Going on set, creating concepts, working on the best shoots that we can get, organizing a shoot and be well prepared to achieve a great result at the end. This is my passion; this is why I love my work.


My understanding to be a filmmaker is not just to deliver a movie.

I love to join a project from the very first beginning until the last cut.

Thereby I don’t have boundaries in genres. If movies, commercials or music videos, I love to shoot.


My understanding to get the best results is my big talent in every kind of departments, combined with a team of experienced and younger professionals.


My philosophy to be successful is to be unusual.

Break the rules to become unusual.

Going with the mainstream means to be the average. In making movies there aren’t rules.


My work is infinite!


Best wishes

Thomas Veit



  • New York City New Filmmakers Filmfestival (Short Film)
  • Documentary Edge Campus Auckland/New Zealand  (Documentary)
  • Filmgipfel Bayerischer Rundfunk Oberstdorf Award Winner & Nominated Audience Award (Music Video)
  • Independent Days Filmfestival Karlsruhe, ahead of 560 international competitors 
  • Audience Award Winner Clipaward Filmfestival Mannheim, ahead of 570 international competitors