Everybody said it is not doable, until someone came along who did not know that and just did it.

Break the rules - become unusual!

Relaunch Social Media Capagne for Borussia Moenchengladbach


New Corporate Video: 

Directing, Producing & Concept by thomasveit.net


After 4 weeks:

156.000 views on Facebook

34.500 views on Youtube.


Viewer Comments:



Getting goosebumps! 

Super video!



It's a wrap!

We are done.

After 30 days shooting in a row we finished the show.

I am proud of my team and the performances.

Now I am going to edit the show.

"Jammertal" feature film is coming up spring 2017.


Feature Film Production / Action Crime Story


Production: 25th July 2016 - 18th August 2016


Screenplay: Thomas Veit 

Director: Thomas Veit

DOP: Chris Luis

Camera OP: Bob Holthaus

AD: Nils Koernig-Kron


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