Marcell Rentemeister, Actor, Los Angeles

An unusual spirit comes alive when Thomas Veit orchestrates a community of creative minds. A healthy dose of insanity that strives for bringing out the best in you. Thomas gives it to you straight. He yells by smiling at you. And he smiles when he yells at you. He's one of a kind: A unique voice that pushes the envelope. Exactly what we need in a world of complacency and trite clichés. Go Thomas Go!

Rick Luciani, Actor, Vancouver B.C.
As an Actor/Voice Over Artist I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Thomas Veit on a number of projects. These projects were often outside the box they were fresh original approaches, uniquely shot and exceptionally packaged. Thomas is a wealth of professional experience. He amazes me with his ability to understand the mundaneness of the world, adapt a totally uncommon angle, and then present the mundane message so that it engages the audience to THINK about what they saw or heard. I particularly appreciated Thomas's approach to getting the job done, everyone's time is valuable and Thomas is always prepared, able to delineate responsibility while treating everyone respectfully which infused an atmosphere of commorodory. He runs a cohesive team that brings the project in on time on budget. I relish the opportunity to work with Thomas again all he has to do is ask. Don't search aimlessly through run of the mill production companies think free, stand out, desire a difference. You will get it with Thomas Veit.

Buelent Aydindag, Managing Director Aperto Asia Beijing

As a creative director Thomas helped with the creation concept in our work for Volkswagen China.

He was always available with an answer or helping hand and supported us to established efficient and creative work process. He also worked great, and cheerfully so, under tight deadlines.

We experienced Thomas bright creative and knowledgeable person who would respond to our request timely. He works professionally and is aiming to deliver a satisfying result to his clients.


William Valenzuela, Actor, Surrey B.C. 
I was auditioning for another project that Thomas was involved in when he ask me to try out for his short film. I was nervous at first but I just let myself go at the audition, and I'm glad I did. Thomas gave me the freedom to experiment and improvise with my character, because that's what he expects from his actors: nothing but the best. He's a true professional, honest, full of life and great person to hang out with. His passion for filmmaking get's to you and all you have to do is join in for the ride. And I would definitely love to work with him again!

John Samson, Dog Trainer (Dog Taxi), Vancouver B.C.
My relationship with Thomas Veit began where most of the new relationships in my life begin. On the beach training dogs. Thomas's ideas about my profession and his vision in bringing what I do on a daily basis to life, culminated in an epic story on the philosophy behind owning a dog. Thomas' artistry is deeply projected in this inspiring piece. Not only is this piece rich with insight into dog ownership, but "Love on a Leash" comes across as an incisive social commentary piece on personalities and social structures in Vancouver. To have constructed such a multi-layered piece like this, requires the subtlety of a master director. It's very difficult to say anything about a particular culture and define it's very nature. Thomas has managed to define Vancouver culture in "Love on a Leash" through relationships between human beings and dogs. Its almost like a travel piece, giving outsiders a taste of the scene and drawing them in without focusing their attention on culture but on a particular facet, which defines the essence of the experience of a visit to that location. One is transported completely by the elements of nature, human-animal discourse, the exploration of a shared cultural persona and by a tacit shared spiritual philosophy into Thomas Veit's Vancouver.

Chris Luis, President Miles Productions, Ontario Canada

I know Thomas Veit since 2009. I worked on several projects in Canada and USA with him.

In his team I worked as a DOP and editor.

Thomas was the head of projects. As film director and producer he makes things happen in an unusual way. He is always able to motivate his teammates. He treats people with respect.

Thomas thinks as a creative director and on the same time as a film director. That was very helpful to navigate our project into the right direction.

It’s tricky trying to put a label on the multi-talented, much-lauded, sophisticated man that is Thomas. He is a creative director, strategist, an organized person and full-blooded filmmaker.

Thomas is extremely creative and very quick on the up take. He is very professional and works hard to make sure that the client receives the highest quality work product. One of Thomas's greatest strengths is guiding strategy to help teams deliver more focused, interesting work.

Anyone who chooses to give Thomas a seat at their creative table — as a guest or as an employee — can count on a feast of creative chops, knowledge, experience, flavor and flair.


Oscar Jimenez, Editor, graphic designer and sound mixer, Mexico City
It was a pleasure to work with Thomas when he directed the documentary Love on a Leash and the short film Breaking News. Punctuality, functionality and efficiency are his work methods Passion and respect for the others work are his values He is highly professional and reliable. He treats his crew like a team and at the end he is a captain who takes his ship to shore with everyone on board. I enjoyed working with Thomas and look forward for his future projects.


Thomas Hähn, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Hahn Automation GmbH, nach der ersten offiziellen Präsentation des Imagefilms: 
"Es gab minutenlang Standing Ovations von unseren Mitarbeitern, es war einfach nur großartig. Es ist Herrn Veit so fantastisch gelungen, ein technisches Thema mit so viel Gefühl zu beschreiben und dadurch eine ganz besondere Note zu verleihen." 

Jürgen Klopp, Profifußballtrainer: 
"Die Ideen und die Umsetzungen sind einfach großartig! Speziell im Bereich der Motivation lässt er Emotionen fließen, die einen fesseln!" 


Daniel Dillmann, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim:

"Solche Bilder haben wir von unserer Mannschaft in dieser Art noch nie gesehen. Dies ist wirklich begeisternd!"

Stella Deetjen, Gründerin von Back to Life: 
"Herr Veit überzeugte mich von der Idee einer Kampagne. Seine Loyalität und Professionalität schätzte ich dabei besonders." 


Dorothea Fogt, Lehrerin an der Tulla Realschule Mannheim:

"Der Filmworkshop 'Keine wahre Gechichte' war das beste Projekt, das ich bisher an einer Schule hatte."


Steffen Kleinke, Geschäftsführer Media Seasons:

"Das sind wirklich tolle Filme. Interessant wie außergewöhnlich gut man Werbefilme für die Industrie machen kann. Kein Mainstream, sondern visuelle Konzepte, die im Gedächtnis bleiben."